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Espaces Ephemeres - Beyrouth - Liban

"ESPACES EPHEMERES" are Ephemeral Art Spaces founded and curated by ZENA BAROUDI.

Ephemeral by their very nature, once there then gone, our art spaces are bound to the idea of journey, to the passage of time, to wanderings. By scouting out artists and designers, familiarizing with their new creations, we create a veritable hotbed of talent.

At “ESPACES EPHEMERES”, you will find wide array of works drawn from all sides and unexpected sources. Creativity in all of its modern manifestations is selected and celebrated.

We are no trend-spotters, trend-watchers nor trend predictors. We look for what is beautiful and enduring from all that is sought-after in art, design, lifestyle, urban living, fashion... We remain relevant by staying ahead of and outside of trends and fads — the fickle shifts in taste and style.

We believe craftsmanship shows in the attention to details of carefully made products. We also believe in small quantities – mass production doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to a personal sense of home.

We aim for the discriminating client that expects the unexpected, values the artistic flair and never settles for the ordinary.

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